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Entrenched in our theory of change is the belief that individuals, no matter how hard their circumstances, remain stakeholders in the solutions to the challenges they face. At times they may need assistance to highlight or unearth that inherent ability, but the responsibility and ownership of the solutions remain theirs to own. 
We affirm the dignity of the members of vulnerable communities when; we see them not just as beneficiaries of charity but as valuable contributors/stakeholders in the solutions to their challenges. In so doing, we create a basis for sustainable impact and transformation for the betterment of society.


We engage and empower vulnerable and marginalized communities to live holistically improved lives.


We invite you to Participate in Our life with the community
24 Nov

End of Term 3

  • 02:00 pm
  • COFI Center, Noor Emporium


“Hi, my name is Aisha, a 15 years old from Somalia and have lived in Uganda for one year. I came to learn about CoFi and what it does through a friend. I got interested to learn English as my second language, ICT, and soft skills. My English has improved and I am no longer shy like I used to be. Thank you COFI.”


"My name is Abdi Hakim Dahir Hussein from Somalia. I have been in Uganda for two years and a member of the Cofi futsal team for one year. I love that CoFi encourages us to play football and learn English. I joined CoFi to learn English and now I can speak when I go to the market."


"My name is Abdulishi Abdullahi from Somalia and have been in Uganda for two years. I came to know about CoFi when I watched them play futsal and asked to join the next day. My interest was to learn English and IT. I have improved in English and computer and I love the CoFi team because they are organized."


"My name is Liban Bashir from Somalia. I came to Uganda in 2015. A friend introduced me to CoFi and what I loved most about the team is meeting and having fun with new friends."