Language program

Empowering Integration: Community First's English Language Program for Somali Urban Refugees


Community First,is committed to supporting Somali urban refugees through their English language program. The program focuses on teaching English as a second language, specifically tailored to the needs of the refugee community. By providing targeted instruction and support, Community First helps refugees enhance their English proficiency, enabling effective communication and
promoting successful integration into their new surroundings.

Engaging Minds: A Spirited Debate in the English Program

Engaging English Program at Community First

 A vibrant snapshot captures the essence of a spirited debate during the English program at Community First. Refugees actively participate, expressing their thoughts with newfound confidence, while instructors guide and inspire. The photo showcases the transformative power of the program, fostering engagement and effective communication.

Progression of English Proficiency: From Beginner to Advanced Levels

Beginner Level

At the beginner level of English proficiency, individuals are just starting their language learning journey. They have a basic understanding of common vocabulary and simple sentence structures. They can engage in simple conversations, ask and answer basic questions, and express basic needs and preferences. Reading and writing skills are developing, allowing them to understand and produce simple texts.

Intermediate Level

At the intermediate level, individuals have a more solid grasp of the English language. They can participate in more complex conversations and express opinions on various topics. Their vocabulary expands, enabling them to understand and use a wider range of words and phrases. Reading comprehension improves, allowing them to understand moderately complex texts. Writing skills advance, allowing them to write coherent paragraphs and short essays.

Advanced Level

 At the advanced level, individuals have a high level of proficiency in English. They can engage in fluent and nuanced conversations on a wide range of topics, expressing ideas and opinions effectively. Their vocabulary is extensive, allowing for precise communication. Reading comprehension is advanced, enabling them to understand complex texts and analyze their content. Writing skills are highly developed, allowing them to produce well-structured and cohesive essays and reports.

Community First’s English language program plays a pivotal role in the journey of language acquisition for refugees. By offering tailored instruction and support, the program empowers individuals to progress from beginner to advanced levels of English proficiency. Through the program, participants develop vital communication skills, gain confidence, and expand their opportunities for successful integration into their new communities. The commitment of Community First in guiding and fostering language growth is evident in the transformative impact experienced by the program’s beneficiaries. As an NGO, Community First remains dedicated to facilitating language mastery and empowering refugees on their path towards linguistic fluency and enhanced socio-cultural engagement.

Promoting Linguistic Diversity: Community First's Francophone Engagement
Community First proudly fosters an inspiring initiative known as the French Club. Led by a compassionate team member, this club imparts the French language to a dedicated group of refugees. Beyond language acquisition, the club cultivates a sense of belonging, cultural appreciation, and intercultural connections. By embracing Francophonie, Community First demonstrates its unwavering commitment to promoting linguistic diversity and fostering a deeper understanding among refugees.